Cinque Terre Day Trip From Florence

Cinque Terre, an Italian UNESCO World Heritage Site, consists of five stunning villages on hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. To reach Cinque Terre from Florence, travelers can take a regional train to La Spezia, a local train, or a boat to the villages. Guided tours or car renting are options, but the villages have limited parking.

Cinque Terre is a breathtaking and unique Italian scenery comprising five picturesque towns on hills overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You have various possibilities if you want to take a day excursion from Florence to Cinque Terre.

The train is one of the most popular methods to go to Cinque Terre from Florence. You may take a regional railway from Florence to La Spezia, which serves as the Cinque Terre’s entryway. You can then take a local rail or boat to the settlements.

Cinque Terre Day Trip From Florence

Cinque Terre day trip from Florence,

You can take day trips to various places if you’re in Florence. Centrally located in Tuscany, Florence allows easy exploration of the surrounding areas and beyond. One of the most sought-after day trips is from Florence to Cinque Terre, a neighboring region in Liguria.

But planning this day trip requires some thought. Your first step is deciding how to get from Florence to Cinque Terre. Let me outline the different options for you.

How to get from Florence to Cinque Terre

cinque terre day trip from Florence by train

If you’re considering a Cinque Terre day trip from Florence, taking the train might seem like the most wallet-friendly choice (around €20). However, I don’t recommend it, especially if you only have a day to spare.

cinque terre day trip from Florence by train

Here’s why: No direct trains from Florence to any of the Cinque Terre villages exist. That means your journey ends up being quite long. Suppose you’re fortunate with all the connections. In that case, it might take around 2.5 hours, but usually, it’s more like 3 hours, sometimes even 4 hours. It could be better use of your precious time.

But if you’re still set on taking the train, here are your two main options:


Start at Firenze Santa Marina Novella (SMN) station to get to Cinque Terre from Florence. Catch a Regional Train to Pisa Centrale; these trains run every 30 minutes, taking approximately one hour.

Once you arrive in Pisa, switch to an Intercity Train heading to La Spezia Centrale, particularly those bound for Milan. This leg of the journey also lasts around an hour.

Upon reaching La Spezia, board a regional train that stops at various villages. Riomaggiore is just a 10-minute train ride away, and the farthest village, Monterosso al Mare, is approximately 25 minutes by train.

It’s worth noting that some trains from Pisa offer direct routes to Monterosso al Mare, eliminating the need to change trains in La Spezia.

cinque terre day trip from Florence by train


Suppose you want a more accessible option for your Cinque Terre day trip from Florence. You can take the Frecciargento train from Firenze Campo di Marte station to La Spezia. From there, hop on a regional train to Riomaggiore. This might be a more straightforward way to reach your destination.

cinque terre day trip from Florence by car

Driving from Florence to Cinque Terre is not recommended because the villages have narrow streets, which can be challenging for drivers more accustomed to wider roads. Parking spaces are also limited.

However, if you’re determined to drive, here’s how to do it:

Take highway A11 from Florence to Viareggio, then switch to highway A12, heading north to La Spezia and Genova. The drive usually takes around 2 hours under ideal conditions.

cinque terre day trip from Florence by car

Once you reach La Spezia, you have three options:

  • Park your car in La Spezia and take a train to one of the Cinque Terre villages.
  • Continue driving to Levanto and take the train. Levanto is just outside the Cinque Terre National Park and provides a good base for exploring. Direct trains to Monterosso, one of the villages, take only 5 minutes.
  • Drive to Monterosso, which is the only village accessible by car. However, it’s the farthest and requires 30 minutes of driving. Finding parking may also take time and effort.

cinque terre day trip from Florence by train and boat

cinque terre day trip from Florence by train and boat

If you plan a Cinque Terre day trip from Florence, you can also reach Cinque Terre by boat between late March and early October. You can catch a boat from various coastal towns in Tuscany, like Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Massa, and Carrara. Alternatively, you can start your journey in La Spezia, Lerici, or Levanto.

These boat cruises are operated by the Consorzio Marittimo Turistico 5 Terre-Golfo Dei Poeti and offer a convenient hop-on-hop-off service with multiple daily departures. The boats stop at Portovenere, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso, and finally, Levanto. The views of the villages from the sea are breathtaking!

Cinque Terre is a stunning coastal region in the Liguria region of Italy. It comprises five picturesque villages that cling to the rugged cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The villages are known for their colorful homes, narrow roads, and charming ports.

Popular Attractions in Cinque Terre, Italy

If you’re planning a trip to Cinque Terre, here are some of the popular attractions you won’t want to miss:

  • Cinque Terre National Park: This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to some of Italy’s most beautiful hiking trails. The trails offer stunning views of the sea and the surrounding hills.
  • Cinque Terre Trails: These trails connect the five villages of Cinque Terre and offer a great way to explore the region at your own pace. The footpaths are well-maintained and coverage from easy to challenging.
  • Footpath Monterosso – Vernazza: This hiking trail is one of the most popular footpaths in Cinque Terre. It shows lovely views of the sea and the surrounding hills, as well as the charming villages of Monterosso and Vernazza.
  • Vernazza: This village is often considered the most picturesque in Cinque Terre. It has a lovely harbor, colorful homes, and several delicious seafood restaurants.
  • Borgo Storico di Manarola: This village is known for its colorful houses, narrow streets, and beautiful sea views. It’s a great place to explore on foot and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Five villages of Cinque Terre

The five villages of Cinque Terre are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.


Monterosso, located in Northern Italy’s Liguria province, is the largest town in the Cinque Terre and is known for its lively and charming atmosphere. As the northernmost town in the chain, Monterosso offers access to the Cinque Terre and is known for its sandy beach. 

Popular Attractions in Cinque Terre, Italy

With 1,500 full-time residents, The town is a popular attraction for visitors and residents, with its sandy beach and seafront area providing a beach resort feel. Monterosso’s ruins from the 11th century and the arrival of the train line in the late 19th and 20th centuries make it a popular destination.

Best Restaurant in Monterosso

Monterosso al Mare boasts numerous excellent restaurants offering diverse cuisines. Some of the top-rated restaurants, according to customer reviews, include La Balena Blu Wine & Food, known for its diverse wine selection and delicious seafood dishes, and Ristorante Miky, renowned for its fresh seafood and homemade pasta dishes, both rated 4.0 out of 5 on Facebook.


Vernazza, a picturesque town in northwestern Italy, is known for its unique landscape, including dry stone walls and fields overlooking the sea. 

Five villages of Cinque Terre

Established around 1000 A.D., it was ruled by the Republic of Genoa from 1276. Notable attractions include the 16th-century Belforte Tower, 11th-century Doria Castle, 14th-century Santa Margherita d’Antiochia Church, and the Nostra Signora Di Reggio shrine. 

Vernazza is a popular destination for sightseeing, with historical sites, scenic hikes, and local cuisine. The town offers charming hotels and vacation rentals.

To explore the area, consider a Cinque Terre Boat Tour, which offers stunning views, history, and snorkeling. 

A private tour from La Spezia offers a guided tour of Cinque Terre. A Cinque Terre Pesto Making Class, Boat Tour, and Lunch offers a unique opportunity to learn how to make traditional pesto. An e-bike tour to Vernazza and the National Park offers a unique experience.

Five villages of Cinque Terre

Availability may vary depending on season and other factors. So, checking with local tourism authorities or travel agencies for the most up-to-date information is recommended.

Best Restaurants in Vernazza Italy

There are several excellent restaurants in Vernazza. Here are some of them:

Pirata delle Cinque Terre: This restaurant is known for its delicious seafood and pasta dishes. It has a great view of the sea and the town.

Best Restaurants in Vernazza Italy

Gattaccio – Acciugheria & Street Food: This restaurant serves mint seafood and has a beautiful selection of wines.

It’s also known for its octopus sandwich and anchovy pesto pasta.

Pippo a Vernazza- Tradizione & Street Food: This restaurant is known for its fantastic focaccia and seafood dishes. It also has a great selection of Prosecco.

Organic Poke: This restaurant serves fresh tuna, salmon poke bowls, pizza, and pasta dishes.


Corniglia, located in La Spezia, Liguria, northern Italy, is the smallest of the Cinque Terre villages. It is situated on a peninsula about 100 meters high, surrounded by vineyards and terraces. Unlike other Cinque Terre towns, Corniglia is not directly adjacent to the sea. 


Visitors can reach Corniglia by climbing the Lardarina, a series of 33 flights of stairs with 383 steps, or by taking a vehicular road from the station. Corniglia is known for its quiet charm and is sought out by visitors seeking a less-trodden village experience. 

Highlights of Corniglia include the Lardarina, Saint Mary’s Terrace, and the Oratorio dei Disciplinati di Santa Caterina. Corniglia is 100 meters above sea level and can be reached by climbing or taking shuttle buses from the train station. 

The town is also famous for its wine, sold as far away as Pompeii during Roman times.


Manarola, a town in the Cinque Terre region, is known for its colorful houses and small harbor on the Ligurian Sea. The Romans likely founded it, arguably the oldest of the Cinque Terre towns. 

Manarola a town in the Cinque Terre

Manarola was once part of the powerful Republic of Genoa. It was home to a castle and watchtower built to protect against pirates. Today, it is known for its dessert wine, Sciacchetrà. In the off-season, visitors can enjoy a sleepy village dependent on fishing and wine. 

At the same time, in the spring and summer, it is packed with tourists hiking the Cinque Terre trails and photographing its famous towns and landscapes.

Manarola offers a scenic and scenic viewpoint and a leisurely seaside meal or drink at a restaurant’s outdoor terrace with a sea view. 

Manarola, a town in the Cinque Terre

The Via Dell’Amore footpath, which begins or ends in Manarola and leads to Riomaggiore, is the shortest of all Cinque Terre paths and is decorated with “love locks” – padlocks left by hopeful couples as a gesture of eternal love.


Riomaggiore, a charming village in the Cinque Terre, is located on a terraced hillside high above the Ligurian coast. Founded in the eighth century by Greek exiles, Riomaggiore dates back to the 13th century. Named after the stream Rivus Major, it sits in a valley between steep hills. It is known for its colorful stone houses and traditional fishing boats. 


Visitors can take the Via Dell’Amore footpath, which leads to the village of Manarola, the shortest Cinque Terre path. The medieval castle of Riomaggiore, Castello di Riomaggiore, is located at the village’s highest point and offers sweeping views from its terrace. Built in 1260, the castle protected the town from barbarian and pirate attacks.

Beaches in Riomaggiore

Riomaggiore has a comprehensive and impressive beach at the village’s eastern end. Accessible by walking to the marina and turning left near the Cinque Terre ferry dock, the beach is stony and lacks security services. 

Beaches in Riomaggiore

Swimming can be dangerous due to large stones on the shore. Spiaggia di Fegina in Monterosso al Mare is the only sandy beach for other beaches in the Cinque Terre area. It is about 20 minutes away by train. Arenella Beach in Porto Venere is also 30 minutes away by car.

Best Restaurants in Riomaggiore

Several restaurants in Riomaggiore offer a variety of cuisines. Some of the famous restaurants in Riomaggiore include:

Porticciolo: A Mediterranean restaurant in Manarola, about 0.7 miles from Riomaggiore. t is known for its seafood dishes and has a 4.5 out of 5 1 rating.

Dau Cila: A seafood restaurant in Riomaggiore that offers beautifully prepared seafood dishes with daily selections.

Bar e Vini a Pié de Ma: A wine bar in Riomaggiore that offers a variety of wines and light bites.

Cinque Terre Hiking Time

Cinque Terre Hiking Time

The Cinque Terre hiking trail is approximately 11 kilometers long. It connects the five villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

The trail is known as the Blue Trail and takes about 5 hours to hike the entire distance, not counting the time to explore and linger in each town. The trail has varying difficulty levels, with some portions being elementary to walk, such as the paved section connecting Riomaggiore to Manarola. 

Cinque Terre Hiking Time

In contrast, other sections climb up and over hillsides with spectacular views along the coast.

Cinque Terre Hiking Time, Distance, and Difficulty Level:

Trail SectionDistanceDifficulty LevelTime Required
Riomaggiore to Manarola1.5 kmEasy30 minutes
Manarola to Corniglia3 kmEasy1 hour
Corniglia to Vernazza4 kmModerate1.5 hours
Vernazza to Monterosso3.5 kmModerate1.5 hours

Bike Rentals Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre has several bike rental choices. Here are several examples:

Pako Bike: Pako Bike provides e-mountain bike rentals and guided trips in the Cinque Terre and Golfo dei Poeti areas. You may effortlessly climb upward on their e-mountain bikes and take in the spectacular vistas. They researched and chose the neighborhood’s most magnificent trips, including mini-tours, dawn tours, sunset tours, and aperitivo tours. 

EbikeIn: EbikeIn provides guided e-bike tours in the Cinque Terre and Levanto regions, allowing visitors to explore history, enjoy breathtaking views, and have fun pedaling without effort. They offer trailers for children, bikes for young people, and all adults, with electric engines for easy uphill riding.

Best Time to Visit Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts, offering moderate crowds and mild, sunny weather during May or September. The region’s weather varies depending on the season, with summer being the most pleasant but also the most crowded. 

Best Time to Visit Cinque Terre

In the fall and spring, the weather can alternate between mild, sunny days and cold, rainy ones, offering moderately crowded hiking trails. However, violent autumn rainstorms can cause flooding, mudslides, and trail closures in Cinque Terre. 

Despite these challenges, fall is generally a good time to visit the region, so visitors should know the weather conditions there.

Cinque Terre Weather Summer

Cinque Terre enjoys mild, pleasant summer weather with average high temperatures reaching mid-80s°F (29-30°C). Its coastal location keeps temperatures more relaxed than other parts of Italy, which can be unbearably hot during July and August. 

Average low temperatures are in the low 60s°F (around 15-16°C). Summer is the most popular time to visit. Still, warm summer days and ample daylight make exploring beautiful villages and hiking along scenic trails enjoyable.

Best Time to Visit Cinque Terre

Other Useful Information

 What to wear in Cinque Terre for hiking, exploring, and relaxing

Cinque Terre is a beautiful coastal region in Italy with various things to offer visitors. From hiking the rugged cliffs to exploring the picturesque villages, there’s something for everyone. But what should you wear in Cinque Terre?

Here are some tips:


  • Hiking boots or shoes with good traction
  • Hiking socks
  • Hiking trousers or shorts
  • Layering is recommended, especially if you’re hiking in the morning when temperatures can be cooler
 What to wear in Cinque Terre for hiking, exploring, and relaxing

Exploring the towns:

  • Comfortable clothing such as trousers, blouses, or summer dresses
  • Lightweight pants or shorts
  • T-shirts or lightweight long-sleeved shirts
  • A sweater or light jacket for more relaxed evenings


  • Pack your swimwear if you plan to visit the shores or dip in the sea!


  • Comfortable walking shoes or sandals are suggested for exploring the towns and hiking trails.
  • Wearing hiking boots is advisable if you plan to hike more strenuous parts of the trails, such as the portion between Monterosso and Vernazza.


  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Reusable water bottle

Please note that these are general recommendations, and it’s always a good idea to check the weather prediction before your trip and pack.

Cinque Terre Card

The Cinque Terre Card is a great way to save money and explore the Cinque Terre at your own pace. The card grants access to all hiking trails, unlimited train travel on Cinque Terre Express trains, and free use of buses within the National Park.

Two types of Cinque Terre Cards are available:

  • Cinque Terre Trekking Card: This card is perfect for hikers who want to explore all the trails in the Cinque Terre. It costs €7.50 for a one-day card and €14.50 for a two-day card (adults).
  • Cinque Terre Treno MS Card: This card is a good option for visitors who want to combine hiking with train travel. It gives you access to all the hiking trails and unlimited train travel on the Cinque Terre Express trains. The card costs €18.20 for a one-day card, €33 for a two-day card, and €47 for a three-day card (adults).

Discounts are available for children, seniors, and families.

The Cinque Terre Card is valid until midnight on the day of validity. You can purchase the card online at any train station or tourist information point in Cinque Terre, Levanto, or La Spezia.

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